Sessions Gallery

"Find Your Path" - LED Club

"Intellectual Capital" - Panel Discussion, SLIBFC Conference -2016

"Capacity Building" - Berendina (NGO)

"Credit Appraisal" - Maldives Islamic Bank

"Customer Service Essentials" -Amana Takaful, Maldives

"Case Study Workshop" - Maldives Islamic Bank

"A Leader Beyond Hospitality Borders"- Hotel, Hospitality and Food Asia 2015 Exhibition

"Search for yourself before talent" - Capital Market Conference

"Alternate Finance" - Organic Agri Exports Conference

"Taking Charge" - Access Towers

"Dream With HB" - Aspire

"Forward Contract Mechanism" - Global Salam, World Trade Center

"Unleash Your Leadership Potential" - Gage Training Institute

"Ethical Financing Principals" - Asset Link Limited

"Introduce Yourself to yourself" - Cyryx College

"Character building and co-existence" - Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

"Envisoning the Vison" - National Institue of Education, Maldives

"Energy Building Techniques" - MI College

"Creative Thought Process" - Ministry of Education, Maldives

"You weren't meant to succeed, unless.." - Funciliators Club, Kingsbury Hotel

"Team Building Values and Perfomance" - National Institue of Education, Maldives