Skill Development

A company is only as strong as the people who represent it: strong leaders, creative managers, dedicated teams, and enthusiastic employees are vital in the success of any organisation. 4sight Consulting provides tailored corporate in-company training solutions focusing on the key areas of finance, business, and management skills development. It is essential to ensure that the skills of the professionals in your organisation are current and relevant.

All of our training courses are tailored to our client's specific needs, giving applicable solutions for your business challenges and providing the support needed to be the best individual, employee, or company you can be

Corporate Development

An improvement in multiple aspects of business performance in a company is directly related to the acquisition of skills by its employees. The importance of corporate development within ...

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is crucial in the development of a successful business, and companies are now investing in the next generation of frontrunners to sustain competitive advantage.

Personal Development

How many of us truly look forward to getting up daily and heading to our workplace? If we are not happy with what we do for a living , we are impairing ourselves as well as the organisation we represent.

Technical Development

There is no one followed guideline for a company's corporate development process; that changes the company positively is considered corporate development. Based on a company's...

Train The Trainer

The educators who lead us in our youth, or influence us in our maturity, play a large role in the decisions we make and the people we are.


Have a great business idea but clueless as to where to begin? Otherwise, have you started up a business but lack the skills to progress your venture upwards? Our Entrepreneurship workshops are created by researching and applying the practices of CEO...,