Personal Skills

How many of us truly look forward to getting up daily and heading to our workplace? If we are not happy with what we do for a living , we are impairing ourselves as well as the organisation we represent. The key is personal development: to renew your identity, recognize your potential, facilitate employability, and to generally enhance the quality of your life

The role that personal development plays in the workplace is rather vast, but it has the solitary goal of supporting employee development which will in the long run benefit the organisation that individual represents. 4sight Consulting has a number of development programmes that are sure to produce an engaged, enthusiastic employee including topics like body language, public speaking, customer relations, and personal branding.

  • Build or renew your self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-esteem.
  • Identify your strengths and talents to enhance your quality of life.
  • Build employability and your individual contributions to your organisation.
  • Improve your body language, public speaking skills, and customer relations.
  • Form and enforce your very own personal branding.

Key Insights

If you are not happy with what you do for a living, you are impairing yourself as well as the organisations you represent.
Recognise your potential and develop your skills.
Facilitate employability.
Enhance the quality of your life, personally and professionally.

Body Language

Command attention, control conversation, and convey the right message without ever saying a word. Before you even speak, your audience has already formed an impression of you based on your clothes, posture, and the confidence your body language emits. Our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and tone of voice speak louder than anything we're actually saying. Develop an understanding of body language and the role it plays in your personal and professional life with 4sight.

Public Speaking

The thought of speaking publically can cause palms to sweat and for a nervous stammer to develop in even the most professional of speakers. A common problem, comfortable and confident public speaking can be obtained with a few pointers and instructive practice. Become an eloquent and engaging public speaker with 4sight's well-experienced lecturers presenting speaking techniques utilized by motivational speakers around the world.

Customer Relations

Every employee who interacts with customers, whether directly or through email/phone, is a representation of your company, and it only takes one bad customer experience to switch to a competitor's product. Customer relations are one of the most important aspects of a business and it pays to have trained, well-rounded people representing you. Advance your customer relations, improve your company branding, and boost your business to new heights

Personal Branding

When people think of cutting-edge technology, they think of Steve Jobs, or if they think of investing, Warren Buffet comes to mind. In these situations corporate branding is taken one step further and their ambassadors have created a strong personal brand that consumers make a deeper, more familiar, connection with. Learn personal branding strategies and tools, and blend who you are with what you do, effectively.