Technical Training

There is no one followed guideline for a company's corporate development process; that changes the company positively is considered corporate development. Based on a company's current status and their goals for the future, a plan is created and executed in a number of fields which could include corporate branding, business restructuring, business process reengineering, recruitment, product development and marketing, or creating a strategic alliance.

Key Insights

Learn new corporate valuation techniques.
Discover applicable laws, products, and systems.
Apply learning into practice immediately.
Be a top executive in today’s global finance and business community.

Capital Market

Executives in investment banking could utilise our specialised capital market programmes to gain higher professional training and modern technique practice in today's global finance and business community. Our in-house capital market development is designed to deliver effective training and know-how for our participants so that they may put what they learn into effect for their own personal involvement, or to advise and train others in the industry.

Corporate Finance

Gain a better understanding of the perplexing world of finance as 4sight Consulting leads both, executives with and without experience, to comprehend the mechanics of modern corporate finance. From corporate valuation techniques to public takeovers and mergers, finance executives will return to their organisations fully prepared to apply their learning into practice.

Alternate / Ethical Finance

Finance executives, insurance agents, stock brokers - professionals of these fields and many more see an exponential growth in regard to Ethical finance. Our training explains appropriate laws, while discussing the products and services as applied to the Ethical financial system. Delve into the ever-growing industry of Ethical finance as a prominent executive with 4sight Consulting.